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Quick Before the Music Stops
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Quick Before the Music Stops ab 6.49 EURO How Ballroom Dancing Saved My Life

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Those Were The Days
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Those Were the Days is Lynda Page's fourth saga set in Jolly's holiday camp. It brings the nostalgia of English summer holidays beside the seaside in the 1960s vividly to life. There's seldom a dull moment at Jolly's holiday camp in high season, with the campers and staff intent on having the time of their lives. But in the middle of winter, when the campsite is shut, an eerie silence descends upon the ballroom, the big wheel at the fun fair stops turning and the swimming pool lies empty. But this winter things are about to change: Drina Jolly's daughter-in-law Rhonnie returns with her young son to oversee some major renovations that bring the holiday camp to life out-of-season. And when the summer comes, Rhonnie and the team are ready to give the holidaymakers at Jolly's a holiday to remember for the rest of their days...

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Stand: 02.06.2020
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